Serving Veterans & Their Families in the Southeast

How does ROVER help Veterans and their families?

Workforce Development

Utilizing formal partnerships with federal and state agencies, educational institutions, and private businesses, ROVER works to provide short-term training courses for veterans. Upon completion, these courses assist veterans in finding gainful employment and earning a living wage.

Therapeutic Recreation

By participating in adaptive or able-bodied recreational therapy such as seated volleyball, sailing, diving, or fishing, combat veterans experience an increased feeling of competence, a general sense of vigor, and a reduction in depression, tension, and anger. The results also indicate a promising trend towards potential improvement in overall psychological health.

Wellness & Social

We provide opportunities for Veterans and their families to engage and network with other veterans and their family members. This social focus area is critical to connecting individuals to those who understand what it’s like to be a returning veteran, the spouse of the veteran, or the child of a veteran.

Veteran Service Officers – VSO

ROVER’s Veterans Service Officers (VSO) are here to advise veterans, their survivors, and dependents of their rights under the various military service benefits acts, as well as assist with receiving their earned benefits via proper preparation & follow-up of applicable state & federal applications.

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