Board of Directors

LTC James Macrellis (Ret), Founder & Board Chair

SSG Roy Rodriguez (Ret), Chair-Elect

James Purgason, CPA, Treasurer

Renee Macrellis, BS, MS, Secretary

Garrett Coker, Director

Advisory Board

1SG Matt Nisbet (Ret), Veteran Service Officer, Workforce Development

Boyd Campbell, ROVER CIO, Workforce Development

Dan Gilmore, Attorney, Legal Advisor

Tracy Collett, Adaptive Sports & Therapeutic Recreation

Linda Gomez, Adaptive Sports

Andy Pai, Adaptive Sports


The mission of ROVER (Regional Outreach Veterans Engagement Resources) is to connect Veterans and their families to resources and access opportunities to improve their quality of life.

We use the phrase Adaptive Veteran™. It’s our term for a Veteran that was wounded, ill, or injured. We focus on the fact that the Veteran is moving forward after their injuries; They are not defined by their injuries.


A community where our Veterans and their families have the opportunities and support they need to prosper and thrive.


ROVER was founded in 2015 by combat-wounded, medically retired United States Army officer James Macrellis.

Having served at various command and staff positions, he served 24 years in both the enlisted and officer ranks, primarily in special operations positions and units.

He was wounded during a second tour in 2005-2006 and then again in 2009 during his third tour in Afghanistan. He has suffered multiple physical injuries and TBI's.


We're here to serve you, our Veterans, and your Family!


Please reach out to see how ROVER can help you. Please also see our Support & Donations page to contribute. Please consider lending Veterans your time, hands, & support.

WriteP.O. Box 21753, ​Chattanooga, TN 37424
Call423-401-VETS (8387)