Workforce Development

Workforce Development

We provide access to short-term Training, Peer Mentorship, & Job Placement Assistance for able-bodied & disabled veterans and their family members in order to obtain gainful employment at a living wage.


We also provide information, education, & consultation services to companies on the value-add for hiring veterans. We'll bring the coaching & assistance necessary that help companies develop pipelines to the rich source of quality, pre-trained veterans and their family members.


  • 6% of Americans are Veterans (~21.1 Million)
  • Over 2 Million Veterans Are Female
  • 216,888 Army Personnel Recognized as Actual Combat Veterans
  • 20,855 Marines Recognized as Actual Combat Veterans
  • Veterans Day is Celebrated on the Anniversary of WWI's Official End
  • There are 66,000 Veterans in 13 Counties in the Greater Chattanooga, TN Area

Pre-Qualified Soft Skills

  • Respect for Authority & Protocols
  • Team Leadership
  • High Aptitude
  • Integrity & Dependability
  • Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Adaptable & Performant Under Pressure
  • Listening, Critical Observation, & Problem Solving
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Ambitious; Takes Initiative
  • Technically Astute
  • Proper & Professional Communication

Benefits to Employers

  • Tax Incentives
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)
  • American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
  • Returning Heroes Tax Credit
  • Wounded Warriors Tax Credit

Workforce Development Partners & Sponsors

US Department of Labor
Southern Adventist University