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I am excited to announce ROVER is evolving and we are bringing some exciting changes in 2018.

The Founder of ROVER, James Macrellis, recently appointed me as Director and CEO of this incredible organization, a position which I have humbly accepted and hope to fulfill to the best of my ability. When James asked me to become the new Director of Rover, we had several long discussions in which we determined the new direction Rover was to take. In recent months, we have worked tirelessly through the transition to new management, setting new systems and opportunities in motion, and finalizing the remainder of tasks that are fundamental to the heartbeat of our amazing Non-Profit foundation. 

James and Renee worked tirelessly through the most difficult phase of creating a Non-Profit. Setting up ROVER, planning events, finding donors and sponsors, and bringing in complete strangers to their fold, treating them like family and bringing about life changing experiences to Veterans in need.

Take a moment to reflect on your interactions with James and Renee and how these two influenced your post-military endeavor. Each one of us struggled at some point in our transition, so I cannot say enough about James and Renee Macrellis - they are just great Americans with amazing hearts and empathy for veterans and their families. They truly are the salt of the earth and will always be the heartbeat for ROVER.

Just to be clear, James is not going anywhere, he remains a board member and a legacy member and will continue to appear at select events throughout the years to come.

There are going to be some changes, just like any organization looking to grow and expand. ROVER will develop in some places, reduce in others and launch new endeavors in areas that have shown promise.

Lastly, do not forget that above all, it is because of you that ROVER went Viral and spread in name and reputation from coast to coast.
I ask for your help and input as we move forward. Share the name, the website, Facebook page but most importantly, share your experiences with others.

I look forward to serving you


Our Mission:

ROVER’s mission is to serve as a hub for veterans and their families to connect to resources and access opportunities to improve their quality of life.

General Information

 ROVER provides an environment and opportunities to improve quality of life for veterans of the U.S. armed forces, and their families, who have served to protect our country and the freedoms we enjoy.

We understand the unique challenges of transitioning from combat to civilian life. We are combat veterans, spouses, caregivers or dependents of veterans. We recognize the unique demands and stressors that the people we serve face because we have lived through them ourselves.

Through workforce training and placement, therapeutic recreation, and health and wellness programming, ROVER provides veterans and their families a pathway to building the best life they can imagine, what we call the Adaptive Veteran™. We work in coordination or partnerships with other organizations to do this. A key goal is to avoid duplication of efforts already in place. We want to be a “force multiplier” for other organizations.

ROVER is here to serve our veterans’ in a holistic manner - body, mind and spirit - with the primary goal being an improved and sustained quality of life. 

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